Black Button Distilling

I discovered Black Button Distilling a few years ago when my stepmom introduced me to their Lilac Gin. It’s a local craft distillery in Rochester, NY and their gin (and I imagine other liquors) are delicious. So when I learned that they were releasing a Loganberry Gin the weekend I was visiting WNY I knew it was time to finally visit the distillery!


Tasting room, located in a very cool, industrial area of Rochester.

Now, for those who don’t know about loganberry, it’s a hybrid of blackberry and raspberry and it’s a common beverage in Western New York. It’s sweet, non carbonated, non caffeinated, and delicious. Growing up, it was my favorite drink, especially when eating at Ted’s Hot Dogs. Now you understand why I was so excited to try the Loganberry Gin!

I had a Loganberry Gin cocktail at the tasting room and it was as delicious as it was Instagramable.

The gin was smooth and had just the right amount of sweet notes from the loganberries. It really tasted like my childhood in an adult version (minus the red hots from Teds).

Inside the tasting room.

Loved the clocks in the bathroom!

Black Button Distilling is definitely worth the visit while in WNY. If you’re in the Buffalo area, you can visit them at the Buffalo location.

You can tour the distillery at the Rochester location, and both locations have classes and events. The Rochester location is closed Monday and Tuesday and the Buffalo location is closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.