Restaurant Review: Forty Thieves Kitchen, Buffalo, NY

If it seems like we’re trying every single wing place in WNY, well, we are. It wasn’t a specific goal but when there are so many delicious wing places in one area, you tend to end up eating a lot of wings.

We had a few hours to kill before our flight home to Tampa so we headed to Allentown and had lunch at Forty Thieves. They ranked pretty high on a Buffalo wing bracket so we figured we should try them.

First, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the awesomeness that is Allentown, a neighborhood in Buffalo. They have some incredible bars and restaurants, super cute shops, and some of the loveliest Victorian homes you’ll ever see.

We had a big breakfast before heading to the airport so we weren’t hungry enough for a full meal. I ordered the French onion soup, a Buffalo staple that you’ll find on nearly every Buffalo restaurant menu.

It was served exactly as it should be: in a crock, with crispy browned cheese on top, and the perfectly soft but not mushy bread inside. The broth wasn’t too salty and the onion to broth ratio was pretty perfect.

Of course, we also shared an order of wings. They have a ton of different flavors that were pretty hard to choose from. We ended up bypassing our rule of trying medium or hot wings first and ordered their forty sauce. It’s their own concoction of sauces that tasted mainly like hot sauce but maybe with some BBQ or garlic mixed in.

The wings were huge. Like, abnormally giant wings. I was worried they wouldn’t be cooked to my liking since they were so giant, but they were perfectly crispy on the outside and moist (and very hot) on the inside. I was very pleasantly surprised by these wings. The Husband said the flats were a little less crispy than the drums, but I thought the flats were great.

Are you a flats or drums person? I can’t stand the drums. I don’t know how to eat them without getting grossed out. The wings seem much easier to me for some reason. I also only like wings if they are really crispy and rarely like wings outside of WNY.

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