I love love LOVE to travel (even though flying terrifies me). And I love to take photos. And I love to tell people what to do (just ask my husband….). And I love to write (you can find my self-published novel The End of Sam here).

I was raised in a small town in Western New York, near Buffalo. Yes, I love pizza, beef on weck, garbage plates, chicken wings, and Dyngus Day.


Garbage plate!

iPhone 702

Beef on weck from Swistons!!

My father worked for NBC Sports and we spent a lot of my childhood traveling. Whether it was driving between Chicago and Cleveland for the NBA finals (I’m still mad at my brother for puking in the donut bag) or listening to Bohemian Rhapsody on repeat while driving to New Orleans from Orlando, I remember being fascinated by every part of traveling.

I thought the doormen at the Plaza had the best jobs (and the best hats). I couldn’t believe just one blow on a whistle could make a yellow cab show up in front of you, just like that! I thought truck drivers were so lucky; they could drive all over the country and get paid for it! Oh the glamour of being an airline stewardess. They looked to so lovely and always were so kind, giving me my very own wings every time I got on a plane! (This was a time before Pink sweatpants and Ugg boots were acceptable travel attire.)

ImageThe car we drove from Orlando to New Orleans. I’m told I made mom sit in the back….

I started this page when I was a travel nurse, hence the name Saves Lives Will Travel. Since then, I became a nurse informaticist, got my MBA, worked in medical sales, and now own my own business, Nurse Career Consulting.

We left the States in April of 2023 to travel Europe for the rest of the year. We started in Italy, and are making our way through France, England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria, with short stops in Greece and Croatia.

Give me a follow to see some of the best foods, drinks, and sites as we explore the world!


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  1. Hello.
    Just found your blog, getting anxious to read it all. I am also a nurse, and I am actually in Saudi Arabia, aiming to do just the same as you. Hope we can get in touch to swap some tips. Thank you. 😀

    1. Hi Ruthie!
      Thanks for the nomination! I’ve never heard of this, but I enjoyed reading your post about it! It’s fun to read random facts about people. I look forward to answering your questions and then finding blogs to nominate. Thanks!

  2. Patti,

    I am enjoying your journey in Europe. I hope you will have the chance between flights, boats, tours to read a little of my novel “The Bayou Heist” and let me know what you think. I am looking forward to writing a second novel soon and would appreciate any feedback regarding my debut novel.

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