Top Chicken Wings in Buffalo

Happy Bills playoff Sunday! We’re up in Buffalo for the game so it’s the perfect day to do a recap of our favorite wings in Buffalo.

This list is absolutely not inclusive, but I promise Anchor Bar is NOT on it. Us Buffalonians argue a lot about wings, but we can all agree that Anchor Bar wings are shit.

My top three wings are:

Bar-Bill Tavern-a favorite for decades, they are the perfect marriage of crispy and saucy and are super consistent. The wings are large, cooked perfectly, and the sauces are all delish.

Wingnutz– a relative newcomer to Buffalo and my list, these wings are giant, crispy, and all around fantastic. I’ve only had them once, so consistency is TBD, but they are 100% worth waiting for.

-Elmo’s Bar-The Husband, grandma, and I stopped here a few years ago for wings, during graduate school when I wasn’t writing much on the blog. The wings are double fried and are so freaking good that my grandma, who hated wings, ate two! They don’t have a website, it’s definitely a hole-in-the-wall bar, but the wings are so good. They’re crispy, the sauces are so good, and they’re cooked perfectly.

The list is fluid and changes as I continue to try new places. And oldie but goodie that will never do you wrong is Duff’s. They were my favorite for years and currently sit at my 4th favorite, thanks to discovering Wingnutz.

The most hyped spot was Nine-Eleven Tavern and while they are pretty good, they didn’t make my top 3. It may have been the quantity we ordered; they serve them in a pile and the top ones were super crispy but the wings on the bottom were pretty soggy. I definitely reserve the right to try them again and change my mind.

Gabriel’s Gate is usually on most top five lists but I was underwhelmed when we went there. The wings were not crispy enough for my preference, but the sauce was really good. Like Nine-Eleven, I reserve the right to return and change my mind (plus I want to try their French onion soup).

My favorite not-usual Buffalo wings are Amherst Ale House. They grill them and they are so freaking good.

Pony’s/Mr. Ed’s in Middleport is one of the Husband’s favorite’s wing places. He grew up in Middleport and the wings are not always consistent in size or quality but the sauce has a very specific taste, like it maybe has grape jelly in the sauce, and is so good.

We’re here for the week, so let me know if I’m missing any must-try wing spots!

Go Bills!