Buffalo Restaurant Review: Duff’s Famous Wings

Everyone in Buffalo will argue that their favorite wings are the best wings in town. Buffalonians have a sense of pride and ownership in all chicken wings.

My favorite wings in Buffalo are Duff’s Famous Wings. The original location, known only as Duff’s, is still open on the corner of Sheridan Drive and Millersport Highway. It was originally opened as a Gin Mill in 1946, but they began selling chicken wings in 1969. Word of their sauce spread fast and in 1985 they changed the name to Duff’s Famous Wings.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. Although they service other Buffalo staples, such as pizza logs, the chicken wings are the reason to go there. They come in ten different sauces, ranging from mild to death sauce. The sauce is very spicy; if you normally order hot medium light or medium will be spicy enough.


How good do those wings look? I’m about to drool all over my computer. Please, Duff’s, open one in Tampa!

















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