Restaurant Review: Wingnutz Buffalo

The Husband has a long list of places he wants to try in Buffalo, and most of them are wing places. He’s had Wingnutz on the list for a long time but they’re only open Thursday to Sunday and we keep going to Buffalo when they aren’t open. Until now.

Wingnutz was originally opened in a Knights of Columbus by Ed and Alicia, determined to make wings that were crunchy, saucy, and large without being dry, fatty, or greasy. And boy did they delivery. They are now located on Niagara Falls Blvd (NFB) in Amherst.

We heard that the wait can be up to two hours so we planned on getting there right before they opened. Then we got a tip that you can order online ahead of time so we ordered them to be ready not long after they opened. You can also split the sauces on a dozen wings when you order online.

Every single one of their sauces sounded so good, but we only have so much room for food. We ordered five wings Wingnutz medium, five BBQ, and an order of Buffalo mild fingers.

Wingnutz medium flat

First, we have to talk about the size of these wings. This was one of the “smaller” ones and it was still so much bigger than the average wing. The way they cook it cooks the larger wings perfectly, so they are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The Wingnutz medium sauce was sauce perfection. Nothing could possibly be improved. The BBQ sauce was also delicious, sweet with just a hint of smokiness, but definitely overshadowed by the other sauces.

Top are BBQ, bottom Wingnutz medium

The medium Buffalo sauce on the chicken fingers was the definition Buffalo medium; the perfect combination of spicy and buttery. As soon as I saw the beautiful orange color I knew it was going to be good. The fingers were fried perfectly.

Finger perfection

The fingers came with French fries and they were also super good. They had a delicious salty seasoning on them. Our order also came with carrots and a super tasty blue cheese. It wasn’t the usual Ken’s Buffalo blue cheese, which I love, but what seemed like a homemade blue cheese. Unlike a lot of homemade blue cheese, this wasn’t watery and had a great flavor without being too blue cheese-y. Our order also came with a super cute chicken wing shaped sugar cookie, which was, no surprise, also delicious.

The actual location is a small spot, with the inside just for ordering and no tables. They do have picnic tables outside, but being Buffalo, they are only good for a few months a year. Despite being the end of October, the weather was lovely and there were tons of people eating outside, even sitting on the grass picnic-style. Thanks to Barstool sports, a bunch of Packers fans had heard about Wingnutz so it was pretty packed. We were super grateful we were told to order ahead of time so we didn’t have to wait when we got there. We arrived just 45 minutes after they opened, and the woman taking orders said they would sell out within the hour, so be sure to order as soon as they open if you want to be sure to get wings.


Wingnutz officially bumped all other places down a notch for the Husband and took the top spot. He loved everything about them. He eats the drums (and I only eat the flats, so we’re a perfect Buffalo match) and they were so big but not full of all that gross stuff that drums can be full of. They were meaty and crispy and just the way he liked them. They are tied for first with Bar-Bill for me (don’t @ me, Bar-Bill wings are wing perfection). But I’ve had Bar-Bill more than a dozen times and Wingnutz only once, so I have a feeling after a few more times, Wingnutz might pull ahead.

If you want a delicious, true Buffalo chicken wing experience in Buffalo, I highly recommend Wingnutz. Just remember to order online as soon as they open so you don’t miss out.

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