Brewery Review: Big Ditch Brewing Company Buffalo

The Husband is obsessed with Hayburner, an IPA by Big Ditch Brewing Company in Buffalo. I’ve filled a suitcase with it and brought to Florida obsessed. So obviously we had to go there when we stayed in Buffalo.

Even if you don’t go to the brewery, you can still get Hayburner basically everywhere in Buffalo. It was even an option at the free evening reception at the Embassy Suites downtown (side note: that was basically the only thing that Embassy Suites had going for it).

The location is very cute. It looks like an elevated version of the typical brewpub-type brewery.

The Husband got a flight and it was all pretty delicious. He already knew he loved Hayburner and basically considers it the perfect IPA, but what was not expected was how good the Classic Wit was. I love yeasty beers and this was probably the best one I’ve ever had. The flavors were perfectly balanced and the yeasty flavor wasn’t overpowering but was still the star of the beer. Five beer caps on Untappd for sure.

We also ordered lunch. We had to try the Hayburner wings. They were okay for being in Buffalo, since the bar is so high. They weren’t as crispy as I like them and the sauce was just average. The blue cheese was super watery; I didn’t even use it and the blue cheese is one of my favorite part of eating wings.

The Husband wanted something a little lighter to go with the wings, so he ordered the pulled pork quesadilla. He liked the pulled pork but he loved the way the tortilla was cooked. It was nice and crispy and held together perfectly while he was eating.

I ordered the French onion soup, another Buffalo staple so the bar is really high. It fell pretty flat. The cheese was pretty good, but I like mine browned more than this was. There wasn’t a lot of flavor in the actual soup, which is pretty unusual for French onion soup. If anything, it’s usually too salty for me.

I also ordered a side of mac and cheese and it also lacked in flavor. The top noodles were pretty much dry and the bottom of the dish had some cheesy liquid but it wasn’t enough to stir up and cover all the noodles. It was also missing seasoning or something. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as flavorful as I like mac and cheese to be.

Food-wise, I probably wouldn’t eat there again, with so many amazing places to eat in Buffalo. But beer-wise, home run. The Husband already knew he loved Hayburner but I was not expecting to find my new favorite beer there. I would probably drink beer more often if I could get the Classic Wit in Florida. It really was that good.

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