Hotel Review: Embassy Suites Downtown Buffalo

I’m generally a Hilton girl. I check the Hilton app first when I go somewhere and prefer to stay there versus other hotel chains when it makes sense. For business travel, Embassy Suites are a great go-to. The rooms are nice and big and have a separate desk/living area. The included breakfast is usually really good and includes an omelette station. The evening receptions include a free drink, which is always nice after a day of meetings.

I had to go to Niagara Falls for a few days for work, but since there is very little to actually do in NF, The Husband and I stayed in Buffalo two of the nights we were there, at the Embassy Suites downtown.

At just over $250 per night, including taxed and valet parking, you would expect a pretty decent experience, or at least on par with other Embassy Suites. When we arrived, it took a while to find the valet so we could park the car and check in. It was cold outside and my Floridian self didn’t like standing out in the cold waiting. Luckily, the valet made up for it when we checked out by having the car ready and warm for us.

The person working the check in desk seemed pretty disinterested. This is going to sound super douchy, but she didn’t acknowledge my diamond status or offer an upgrade (or apologize for not having one). I don’t really care but when comparing to the other Hiltons I’ve recently stayed at, this made a difference.

The room was the standard, yet outdated, Embassy Suites room. Everything was as expected but old. The sitting area looked like every other Embassy Suites, except the couch look dingy and kind of gross. I refused to sit on it, but The Husband didn’t care and sat on it. He said it felt like the springs were broken and the cushions were uneven.

The wet bar area was the usual. The freezer section in the refrigerator was completely frozen over so there wasn’t any room to put anything but I didn’t use it so I didn’t care. They did have actual creamer instead of powdered creamer, so that was a win. Yes, I drink crappy hotel coffee and I don’t care.

The bathroom was so dingy that I forgot to take a picture. But the shower had good water pressure so that’s what really matters.

We had a two queen bedroom for some reason, and the beds were so hard. Like old school crappy mattress and bed spring hard. And the sheets were super scratchy. I literally was up all night because the bed was so hard and I already don’t sleep well under good conditions. Also annoyingly, the outlets by the bed are up in the light, and my phone and watch charger didn’t fit. And not a single USB outlet to be found.

We didn’t have a view of the water, but a city view. It was still nice, because I love cities, but a view of Lake Erie would have been nicer.

I didn’t have breakfast but it looked really good. Their coffee station had multiple kinds of creamer and different flavored syrups, which was nice. The evening reception had the usual snacks and drinks, most notably one of the draft options was a local beer, Hayburner by Big Ditch Brewing, which is The Husband’s favorite beer.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy the stay, especially knowing how nice and welcoming Embassy Suites and other Hiltons can be. I wouldn’t recommend staying here unless you absolutely had to. Next time we stay in Buffalo we’ll definitely stay somewhere else.

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  1. Never been to Buffalo, but the embassy suites look nice, even if a little dingy 🙂 Have a great day and feel free to check out any of my reviews also …

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