Brewery Review: Tennent’s, Glasgow, Scotland

Tennent’s is the oldest business in Scotland, brewing beer all the way back in 1556! One of the most fascinating things about traveling around Europe is seeing things that are hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of years older than the US.

We happened to walk by Tennent’s after visiting the cathedral in Glasgow, so we had to stop by. We didn’t know it was so close, but you can’t miss the lovely art work and beautiful design of the building.

You start by walking through the history of Tennent’s. It was well designed, laid out to facilitate easy exploration and not overwhelming.

After touring the history of the brewery you head upstairs to the tasting room. We arrived right before a beer tasting, so we decided it was the best way to experience their beer. The delightful bartender had us join the group at the bar, about ten of us in total, and we sampled three of their beers. There were all very good, and I was surprised that I liked the scotch ale the best. Not a kind of beer I typically like but it was flavorful and smooth. And at 9% abv, not the best idea on an empty stomach, but luckily The Husband and I shared a flight, instead of having our own.

We also had a half pint each of their flagship Tennent’s Lager, a refreshing and satisfying lager that any beer drinker would like.

I’m glad we happened across Tennent’s. Sometimes the best plans are the ones you never make.

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