The British Museum, London

After four visits to London, we finally went to the British Museum. The museum is a giant building displaying artifacts across centuries, that have been basically stolen from other countries. And they’re nice enough to let you see it all for free.

Even though entry is free, they have the option to book a timed entry. We booked our time and headed over. There was a long line when we arrived, which split into three smaller lines: members, timed entry, and no timed entry. The lines seemed arbitrary, since they all came together at security, and no one checked to see if we had a timed entry or not.

Despite being cold and rainy out, it was super hot inside. The place was packed full, so that was probably why. So full that we only saw a few main things and left. Among the thousands of artifacts, there were two that I really wanted to see.

First was the Rosetta stone. If you ask me what super power I would want, I would say the ability to speak every language fluently. I would love to be in any country in the world and be able to speak to local people in their language. (Although after all this travel, teleportation would be nice.) Since I find languages so fascinating, I really wanted to see the Rosetta stone.

I’m also fascinated by Easter Island. Well, by anything really old, especially ones that are impossible to comprehend. Just like Stonehenge, how did they get the giant statues there? How did they make them? Since Easter Island is so far I’ll probably never get there, I wanted to see the Moai that the British stole and refuse to return.

There is so much more to see there, including mummies, money, and monuments from ancient Rome.

There is definitely some cool stuff to see, and since it’s free, it’s a good value. Be ready for lots of people, and bring a portable fan if you have one (we have these ones and love them!).

The Husband thinks my choice is super power is a waste of a super power. What do you think? What would your super power be? Let me know in the comments!

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