Froth Brewing & Wingnutz

Wingnutz is the hot new place for wings in Buffalo. We tried them once a few months ago at their first location and loved them, but we believe we need to try something twice to fully determine how much we like them. Consistency is super important.

Wingnutz opened in Froth Brewing Co. recently so we were excited to try a new brewery and have Wingnutz again.

We started with flights. They specialize in IPAs, sours, and stouts. Their fruity sours sounded super interesting so I asked the bartender to create me a flight of the most popular ones. It was the prettiest flights I’ve ever seen, and so tasty. They were worth going to Froth Brewing Co. even if Wingnutz wasn’t there. The Frothsty: ‘Dippin Dots’ was like a wonderful dessert beer.

The Husband had much less photographic, but still tasty, flight that included lagers and IPAs.

We ordered ten wings, half Wingnutz medium, which we loved the last time, and half Asian apricot. The Wingnutz medium was as good as we remembered, a bit sweet with a nice spicy at the end. The Asian apricot tasted exactly like Asian apricot. It was good, but not really our style. I’m glad we tried them. They were crispy and cooked perfectly. After many years, they unseated Bar-Bill as my favorite wings in Buffalo! Specifically, the Wingnutz medium wings.

Side note: are you a flats or drums person? Luckily, The Husband is a drums and I’m a flats so it balances out perfectly.

I also ordered a cup of chicken wing soup, because it sounded so good and I was freezing. It was absolutely delicious, and I’m definitely going to learn to make it at home.

We also ordered five fingers with Buffalo medium and fries. Just like the wings and the soup, they were amazing. They were cooked perfectly and the Buffalo medium was Buffalo sauce perfection. It should be the gold standard for all Buffalo wing sauces.

Just like last time, everything we had was fantastic. Being able to cook them consistently delicious in a new location was impressive, and moved them into the top spot for both The Husband and myself. If you are in Buffalo you absolutely need to try Wingnutz, and try them at the Froth Brewing Co. location so you can try some delicious beers.