Restaurant Review: BiBi, London

Every time I think I’ve had the best meal of my life, another restaurant manages to surprise the hell out of me and my taste buds. The most current offender is BiBi, an incredible contemporary Indian restaurant that uses the freshest and best ingredients.

We made a reservation for lunch and were lucky to get sat in the center of the counter overlooking the open kitchen, located where the bar usually is. It was like lunch and a show: we felt immersed in the creation of the dishes, like a live action episode of The Bear. The kitchen was spotless, and the way the team worked together was like watching a well choreographed dance.

At lunch, you have the option of a la carte or a tasting menu. For dinner, you only have the option of the tasting menu. Unfortunately, if you order the tasting menu, your whole party has to order the same menu. Since I’m currently in my vegetarian era and The Husband doesn’t eat vegetables, this doesn’t work for us. I ordered pretty everything off the vegetarian tasting menu anyway, so it worked out okay.

We started with the wookey-hole cheese papad with papadums. The papad was a delicious layered dip with cheese and chutney. Picture a taco dip but with elevated Indian flavors. It was a flavor explosion and it was delicious.

My next dish was the Flourish Farm beetroot dahi puri. I honestly don’t know how to describe it but it was delicious. The flavors were similar to the papad, but with more substance. The crispy outside was perfect for basically spooning the delicious sauce into my mouth.

Next I had Malai cauliflower and black truffle, over a bed of beautifully cooked onions, with a side of grass-fed ghee daal. It was the perfect combination of flavors. I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life.

The Husband had Sharmaji’s Lahori chicken and aged Swaledale lamb barra kebab. He said the chicken was the best chicken he’s ever had, cooked to perfection. He ordered the lamb kabab pink at the chef’s recommendation, which isn’t his usual choice, but still really liked it.

We ended to meal with a chocolate and a pistachio kulfi. These little ice cream bars were the perfect sweet to end the meal.

At £170, including drinks, it’s more expensive than most lunches but I would have happily paid double for this meal. If you’re in London or planning a trip, I HIGHLY recommend making a reservation at BiBi. If you are a more reserved eater, make a lunch menu and order a la cart. If you eat anything, make a dinner reservation and enjoy the chef’s menu!

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