Bit by the bug

There is one city that will always own my heart. No matter where I travel, it will always be second to my first love. The city that introduced me to Broadway shows, fancy hotels, the joy of public transportation, the deliciousness of cold chicken in first class (this was back when they served you a meal on all first class flights, even ones that are 45 minutes long), art, museums, street performers, ethnic food, dazzling lights, and random celebrity sightings.


Aretha Franklin at the Wall St tree lighting ceremony

It’s the first city outside of WNY that I lived in. The city where I learned how to say “pain” in 20 different languages.

The city where I got engaged to my best friend.

The reason I love travel so much.


One of the perks of your father working for NBC (don’t act like you didn’t have a Starter jacket)


So sad. (The towers AND my hair)


I lived in NYC for 9 months without Isaac (now the Husband). His first trip to visit me.

iPhone 677

He proposed on a horse-drawn carriage through Central Park!