Restaurant Review: Bonci Pizzarium, Rome, Italy

If you watch TV or love pizza, chances are you’ve heard of Bonci pizza. His Roman-style pizza is widely considered one the best pizza in Italy, especially if you like innovative and unique pizza combinations. Gabriele Bonci was also on Netflix’s Chef’s Table, sharing his love of pizza with the world.

Because both Bonci the pizza and Gabriele Bonci the chef are widely known, be prepared to wait for the pizza. We went on a weekday late afternoon, and still waited over an hour.

They have a ticketing system where you have to push through the dozens of people standing outside to get a number. Then you have to watch the counter on the inside of the restaurant (the one outside wasn’t working) and be ready for your number to show up. The good news is that you’re surrounded by people who also love pizza, so it’s easy to make friends. We met a man from the same area where we grew up, as well as a couple that move to Italy from the US (and also misses hot sauce as much as I do!). You can also buy drinks at the store around the corner. A little bottle of Prosecco was €3 so we had one of those while we waited (yes, you can walk around Rome with alcohol).

The inside of the restaurant is actually pretty small, so I waited outside when our number was called and let The Husband decide what to order. Not only did he pick out some delicious pizza, he met Gabriele Bonci!

The pizza are rotating, so you don’t know what is going to be available when your number is called. They are all by the slice, which they cut when you order.

The Husband picked a potato pizza, an asparagus pizza, an artichoke pizza, and onion pizza. The people in front of us ordered the last two kinds that he really wanted so these were not his usual type of pizza. Yet he still really liked it. The dough and the flavors of all the toppings are so good that even if you don’t normally like something, you might here.

I loved the all the pizzas. I thought the artichoke pizza would be favorite, and it was delicious, but the asparagus pizza was amazing! I would never think to order asparagus pizza but I’m so glad The Husband did.

Despite the wait and chaos, Bonci pizza is a must have in Rome. Plan a morning trip to the Vatican then head up the hill to Bonci for a few slices after.

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