Restaurant Review: Masardona, Rome, Italy

Masardona Roma is one of the many pizza places on our list of best pizza in Rome. They’re known for their Neapolitan style pizza, as well as their fried pizza.

The first thing you notice is how beautiful the restaurant is. You walk in and immediately see them making pizza behind a glass wall, in a gorgeous space with a giant pizza oven.

The rest of the restaurant is just as beautiful. We were the the only ones there when we arrived (people need to stop snoozing on this place!) and it felt like we were in a secret wine cellar.

The Husband ordered the margherita. It was everything a margherita should be. The crust was delicious, the sauce was great, the cheese ratio was just right.

I ordered a pizza fritta with smoked provolone, tomatoes, pepper, and basil. It came out like a giant puffed up pastry and slowly deflated to look similar to a calzone, but fried. The dough was crunchy on the onside and soft on the inside, and the cheese was perfectly melted.

The pizza at Masardona was delicious, and we’ll definitely be back before we leave.

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