Rochester Beer Park, Rochester, NY

Rochester Beer Park was an unexpected little gem we found in Rochester, NY, while grabbing dinner at Pizza Wizard nearby. We had some time to kill before our pizza was ready and saw the signs for Rochester Beer Park.

Rochester Beer Park has over 60 draft beers and the bartenders very patiently let you sample them while trying to figure out what you want to drink.

Not even the whole draft wall!

There’s also a cute little food camper with ‘popular campground and picnic dishes.’ We didn’t eat there but everything we saw looked great.

There is also a stage area where they have live music. They were just setting up when we got there so we missed the music, but it seemed like a really fun place to catch some live music.

There were lots of little sitting areas and games, including this backyard with cornhole.

We didn’t get to stay long but that will definitely change on a future trip back to Rochester. I’m super curious to see what it’s like in the winter (if it’s open).

Their tagline is ‘we make happy campers’ and that’s very accurate. It’s so cheerful and fun and very easy to be happy there.

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