Restaurant Review: Sally’s Apizza

The Husband and I are huge pizza fans. It’s definitely our favorite food and we frequently have debates about our top five (by region, not by specific pizza). We have an Ooni pizza oven and I’ve become pretty good at making both Buffalo and Italian pizza dough and sauce from scratch.

Everyone also mentions New Haven pizza as one the best pizzas they’ve ever had, so we planned an evening in New Haven on our anniversary New England road trip just to try New Haven pizza.

There were many conversations on which place to try but in the end, Sally’s Apizza looked amazing, was open the night we were there, had a relatively tolerable wait (50-ish minutes) and I found a parking spot. So Sally’s became our intro to New Haven pizza.

We ordered a tomato sauce pie with garlic and mozzarella on half (as suggested by the bartender) and a clam pie.

It lived up to the hype. It was cracker thin, full of flavor, and super delicious. The clam pie was unique and delicious, and even the picky Husband liked it!

For me, personally, it was my 6th favorite style of pizza (Buffalo, NYC, Neapolitan, Detroit, Chicago, New Haven). I like a fluffier crust but I still really loved this pizza.

Let me know in the comments your favorite style of pizza!

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