SeaGlass Carousel at Battery Park

The Husband and I snuck away for a long weekend in NYC a few months ago and one of the top things on my to-do list was to ride the SeaGlass Carousel. I love carousels and it looks so magical and glorious. I didn’t make it down to Battery Park on my last few visits so this time I wasn’t leaving until I went!

The carousel is $5 per ride and worth ten times that. You get to pick your very own sea glass fish to ride in, and it moves up and down and around. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more majestic, Sun King by the Beatles came on and that’s when I knew what heaven must be like! (Super dramatic, I know, but I’m a huge Beatles fan!)

Seriously, though, you feel like a fish in a fish bowl, floating around Battery Park. It was built as a nod to the original New York Aquarium that called Battery Park it’s first home.

Check out how beautiful these photos are! Not a single one is enhanced or edited in any way, and they were taken on just an iPhone.


Want to see just how magical it was? Click play below!

I hope that you add the SeaGlass Carousel to your NYC list right now! I know it’s staying on mine every time I go!

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