This Weekend Yet Wednesday, I want to be right where I am because….

I’m baaaaack!

That’s right, I’ve returned from the unknown.

Just kidding. Even better than the unknown, I’ve returned after finishing grad school! I am officially done with MSN in Healthcare Informatics. What is that, you ask? (Don’t feel bad, my family doesn’t really get it either.) It’s basically the process of data storage and retrieval as it relates to healthcare. The computer system your doctor uses? Yep, that’s it. The portal you log into to see your information, such as results and physician notes? Yep, that too. I’m combining my knowledge of the healthcare workflow (13 years as a nurse) with information science. Sounds super exciting, right?

Now that I have time to write about foodies spots and vacations spots, I can’t wait to share all the new places I’ve discovered, and will keep discovering!

Happy travels!

2 thoughts on “#WeekendYetWednesday”

  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures for food, travel and other things.

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