Restaurant Review: Dishoom London 

The Husband is very good about researching restaurants to try when we go on vacation. I think it has a lot to do with the juxtaposition of his picky palate yet love of food. He wants to eat great food for every meal (which I totally agree with) but he doesn’t eat most foods, so it can be challenging. However, he loves Indian food (well, he is Indian), and London had plenty of options. He finally narrowed it down and Dishoom was his first choice for dinner.


Inside Dishoom.

We were staying in Convent Garden and luckily there was a Dishoom just a few blocks away. I say luckily because we went not once, not twice, but three times in the five days we were there!

Dishoom doesn’t accept reservations for dinner for parties less than six, but we knew that thanks to the Husband’s research. So I waited in line with the Husband’s cousin’s girlfriend while the boys went to the pub. About halfway through the wait, we switched and the the Husband and cousin waited while we had drinks.

We were seated sooner than we expected and boy, were we excited! You could tell by our order that we couldn’t wait to try everything.


Everything was amazing but the Chicken Ruby was the show-stopper. It had just the right spice, just the right amount of sauce, and definitely the best Indian chicken dish of my life!

We loved everything else nearly as much as the Chicken Ruby so we knew we had to go back one more time before we left London. We requested the same amazing waitress that we had the last time and Dishoom willingly complied. And we ordered everything again.



The Husband even ordered calamari! Yes, the Husband!

Everything was as amazing as the last time. The flavors were perfect and each dish complimented the next. Halfway through our meal, the rowdy gentlemen at the table next to us knocked the Husband’s beer over all over our food. Not only did Dishoom give us all new food, but they also gave us vouchers for a free naan roll. So, of course, we had to go back.

The Husband and I went back alone, as the rest of our group was already heading back across the pond. We got up early just so we could have Dishoom one last time before our flight back to the States. We each had a naan roll and it was as fabulous as everything else!


That sauce was delicious! 

Not only was Dishoom the best food we had on our whole trip, and maybe the best Indian food of my life, but the staff was amazing too! I know that I will never make a trip back to London without eating at Dishoom.


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  1. Been to dishoom multiple times, find it a bit inconsistent which is a shame because on days its good, its really good. But other days feel quite disappointed by it

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