Tampa Restaurant Review: Piquant Epicure and Cuisine

If you’ve read my blog journal in the past, you know that I have a ridiculous list of restaurants in Tampa that I’m determined to try (see part of the list here). I even make notes about why I want to try certain places. Most reasons involve alcohol or really good deals, but some are things that that specific place is known for.

Anyway, I always refer to my list on my iPhone when deciding where to go to eat. My sister in law, nephew (aka cutest baby ever), mother, and grandma stayed with me for a few days and I decided to take them to Piquant for lunch. It was high on my Tampa list and I knew everyone would like it. It doesn’t hurt that Hyde Park has some fabulous shopping too.

It took longer than usual to be seated. There weren’t that many people eating but we did overhear a staff member say they were short staffed. But we were finally seated and the acrylic chairs were actually quite comfortable.

The decor was very earthy, trendy, and on point. I loved the moss and birch centerpieces.

DSC_0001 edit

Reminded grandma of her yard outside of Buffalo, NY.

The acrylic chairs and comfy surroundings made it easy to sit and chat while waiting for service.

DSC_0004 edit small DSC_0005 edit small

Way more comfortable than it looks!

We perused the menu while waiting quite a bit of time for some service. It was honestly a lot longer than I care to wait but I had fabulous company and we heard they were short staffed. As a nurse, I can completely understand that.

DSC_0003 edit small

Ah-maz-ing menu.

I checked out the area while I was waiting and I noticed the coolest thing I’ve ever seen at a bar. Not only do they have purse hooks for us ladies and our purses, but they have USB outlets and plugs for our men to charge their phones!

DSC_0007 edit small

LOVE the purse hook. The plug is pretty cool too.

The bartender must have noticed me looking around so she came over and became our waitress. Right away, I knew she was fabulous. She said my nephew was the cutest baby in America (hence the above reference) and then she provided quick and entertaining service. She was so nice and personable and completely made up for the sluggish lack of attention at start of our lunch.

My mother ordered the quiche Lorraine. So soft and delish, my sister-in-law Meressa said it was like a delicious breakfast pie.

DSC_0015 edit small

Not only delicious, but beautiful too.

Grandma and I both had the jambon et fromage, pressed Tampa-style. It was like a childhood meal brought up to adult standards and it was glorious.

DSC_0016 edit small

Hey piggy.

Meressa had a turkey sandwich with mango chutney on garlic bread, and it was even more amazing than it sounds.

DSC_0010 edit small

Have you ever seen a more beautiful sandwich?

We all had the truffle fries with our sandwiches and they were by far the best fries ever. Something about truffle oil and Parmesan cheese that makes everything right in the world.

DSC_0019 edit small

Who the hell needs ketchup for these beauties?!

Obviously, we were tool full to finish our meals. And thank goodness, because the to-go containers and bag were so pretty, I felt like I was leaving a designer store.

DSC_0020 edit smallDSC_0035 edit small

I mean, c’mon! So fancy!

The desserts looked absolutely fabulous, but I had different plans for dessert. Next time, I promise, I’m getting dessert first.

And despite the slow start, I had an absolutely amazing lunch here. Next time I’m going to the bar for drinks and dessert.

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