Our Champagne Honeymoon in Épernay

We stayed in Épernay for a few days on our honeymoon. I LOVE champagne and I firmly believe that it is highly underutilized. I don’t believe in cheap champagne and I use Chandon for my mimosas. I celebrate nearly every big life event with a bottle of Dom Perignon (I thank my father for my exquisite taste in champagne) .

We took the train from Paris and arrived in the adorable little town. We took a taxi to our hotel, Hotel Jean Moet and Spa (read here about why that was a bad idea). The hotel was what I assume is the French equivalent to an American Bed and Breakfast. The entrance was gorgeous and full of windows.


They also served a full breakfast in this room.

Our room was quite big and had an awesome bathroom. Waaaaaay exceeded my expectations.

DSC_1374 DSC_1375 DSC_1376 DSC_1378

I want this exact bathroom in my house.

We walked up and down Avenue de Champagne. All of the champagne houses have their cellars in the basement, making it one of the most expensive streets in the world.


Money, money, money!

The architecture in Épernay is so beautiful and romantic. The buildings urge you to drink champagne and love someone!

DSC_1380 DSC_1387

C’est tres belle.

We began our champagne crawl at a small champagne house, Michel Gonet. The lady doing the tastings spoke very little English but she was super cute trying and my French was good enough that we didn’t have a problem. And honestly, isn’t alcohol translated across all languages?


Our first champagne house.

DSC_1400 DSC_1404

The French are so good at being aesthetically pleasing. From the land to the buildings to the people, it’s charming and warmed my heart. 

Our second stop was Moët et Chandon. I have a slight obsession with Dom Perignon. I have to admit, it was pretty much the main reason we added Épernay to the itinerary. That, and my longing to take the train through the French countryside (check it off the bucket list).


Thank you Monk Dom for one of my favorite things!

We took a tour of the cellar and learned a ton about champagne. Our guide was so knowledgeable and spoke English so beautifully; her accent made it sound as if she was singing.

We learned all about brut and cru’s and how to pick a bottle of champagne at the store, although we rarely use our new skills. We always buy the same champagne: Domaine Chandon for “everyday” celebrations, Moët et Chandon Rosé Impérial for special occasions, and Dom for big life events.

We walked around the caves, being tempted by the thousands of bottles of champagne, including this long hallway filled with Dom!


Not the best light but look at all the Dom!

After the tour we went to the tasting room for the best part.


Our lovely guide and her tasting room helpers. What a fabulous job.

It’s no secret that we love champagne. But there was something so exciting about tasting some of the world’s best champagne, right where it’s from, while learning about if from people who devote much of their lives to it. I swear, the champagne tasted a little better.

DSC_1466 DSC_1465

The best part!

Just like any tourist place you have to leave through the gift shop. In this case, I was thrilled. We ended up buying a few bottles, including a bottle of Rosé Impérial to celebrate my birthday the next day in Paris!


He already knows how to be a good Husband. Don’t say no to your wife, especially when it involves champagne.

We also bought a champagne bottle sealer and it is one of the most used things on our bar. I wish we would have bought one for everyone we know. Then maybe champagne wouldn’t be so underutilized.

We wandered around the quaint streets and ate croissants and drank champagne. The next day we headed back to Paris to celebrate my 29th birthday!

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