Tampa Restaurant Review: Fabrica Pizza

It’s no secret that the Husband and I love pizza. So much, in fact, that we planned a trip to Naples while we were in Italy just to eat pizza! (You can read about that deliciousness here.) So when I saw that Fabrica Pizza had opened in Tampa last year I knew we had to try it!

It took me a lot longer to finally make my way to Fabrica than I care to admit but I sure was glad I finally did! It’s located in the Channelside area of Tampa, on the ground floor of a residential building, and in an area that I, unfortunately, often overlook. But not any more!

We were happy to see that there was free parking that was easily accessible. Parking in the city can be a pain and I really hate paying for parking (shouldn’t my taxes cover that???). Anyway, they have free, covered parking. Covered parking is very important in Tampa, especially during hurricane season.

I started salivating as soon as we walked through the door! It smelled so good! Then once I saw the pizza oven I knew we were in for some fabulous pizza.

On to the good stuff. You can order from their menu, the specialty pizza of the month, or build your own pizza.


Pizza magic in the works!


How good does that sound?

We, obviously, had to order the pizza of the month. Everything about it was fantastic, but the garlic aioli made it extra special. It was one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a long time (and I eat pizza a lot!).


An edible work of art.

We also ordered a simple margherita pizza. I am a firm believer that you can’t really tell the quality of a pizza unless you order the simplest one. It’s easy to make something taste good when you pile a bunch of delicious toppings on it. But a delicious, basic pizza? Now that’s a skill. And Fabrica nailed it! Just the right amount of crunch in the crust, the perfect acidity of the tomatoes, and just the right amount of fresh mozzarella. It’s quite possibly my new favorite pizza in Tampa.


I could eat this every. single. day.

They also offer salads, small plates, and gelato, but I don’t know why you would waste valuable stomach real estate on that when you can have more pizza! They also have wine and beer on tap and of course soft drinks.

Restaurant Rating

(Zero being the lowest, ten being the highest)


Quality of Food: 10

Drink Selection: 8 (no liquor, but I don’t really drink liquor anyway)

Cleanliness: 10

Friendliness: 10

Experience: 10

Parking: 10

Value: 7 (a little pricey but totally worth it)

Location: 5 (only because I wish it was next door to me!)

Overall Rating: 10