Tampa Restaurant Review: Tea at Oxford Exchange

If it’s good enough for the Queen then it’s good enough for me. That’s why I enjoy going for tea. It just sounds so fancy and regal. My family also likes having tea, so while my sister in law and nephew were visiting me from Rochester, NY, we went to Oxford Exchange for tea with my mother and grandma.

On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays you can go for afternoon tea. You have the choice of traditional, or high tea, or scones and tea. We had the scones and tea because we had just eaten lunch at Piquant.

DSC_0022 edit small

Plain and simple menu.

DSC_0026 edit small

Love the centerpieces.

I had the Yuzu Oolong Taiwanese tea. It wasn’t too sweet or fruity, and was just the right amount of dry (I like my tea like I like my wine).

DSC_0027 edit small

My tea.

My sister in law Meressa likes really fruity and not dry tea. She had the Matè Brio, which is a sweet hibiscus tea. It was really sweet, pretty good, and very pretty.

DSC_0029 edit small

Not at all my style but so pretty.

And then the scones made their appearance.  Oh sweet, heavenly little puffs of deliciousness. Just like champagne, I think that scones are underutilized. They are so, so good!

DSC_0033 edit small

The scones were so amazing and the preserves were delicious!

Next time I’m going for high tea, and I’m going to eat all the little sandwiches myself!

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