Dominican Day Trip to Paradise

We took a private boat day trip around the Dominican Republic on our most recent vacation there. Our first stop was Saona Island, where we swam in the most beautiful blue water, laid in hammocks, and ate a lobster lunch on the beach!


Doesn’t that seem like paradise? Beautiful view, delicious food, and always-flowing rum and coke.

When we were done eating and lounging around we got back on the boat and headed to an area known for good snorkeling. I stayed on the boat but the view was spectacular so I wasn’t mad.


All sorts of fish live around this partially demolished pier.

And if that wasn’t fabulous enough, we headed to a shallow lagoon where we had a drink and dance party IN THE WATER! Caribbean music was playing and Dominican rum was flowing. It was definitely the highlight of the trip for me.



If I ever go back to the Dominican Republic I would absolutely take this tour again!