Our vagabond life: Jekyll Island

I love sea turtles. Well, I really love most animals. That’s probably why I don’t eat much meat.

Anyway, sea turtles are so pretty and peaceful. They swim with such ease and grace. Maybe I like them because I’m envious of their swimming skills.


Look at this poor little guy, learning how to swim again!

Jekyll Island, GA has a sea turtle “hospital.” They help heal and rehab injured sea turtles. And they are so darn cute!! The husband and I stopped there once on our trip from Tampa to Buffalo and I just fell in love.

sea tutle center sign

The “hospital”

Side note: My grandmother lives near Tampa. That’s why we chose to live there, instead of some other warm place. My mother and I would drive their car down for them in the fall and back to Buffalo in the spring. So, although I’ve done the drive 5 times with the Husband, I’ve done it probably another 4 or so times with my mother. So I consider myself a self-proclaimed East Coast expert. And I’ve been here with both the Husband and my mother.

Anyway, back to Jekyll Island. To get there, you drive over a beautiful bridge from the Georgia mainland.


Bridge to Jekyll Island

There is a beautiful hotel there, the Jekyll Island Club. It’s grand and gorgeous, and you can play croquet on the grounds!

jekyll island hotel

Bring your croquet mallet when you stay here!

There is restaurant on the pier that has amazing seafood. I had the Old Bay dungenesss crab, and it was unbelievable!

jekyll island

Waiting for my food to come out, representing Buffalo

Jekyll Island dungeness crab

Sooooo yummmyyyyy

Anyway, back to the turtles. It’s amazing how they save these beautiful creatures.

007 010 008 004

Sick turtles being rehabbed. The babies are so stinking cute! If only they weren’t covered by salmonella (or some other disease causing pathogen….)

I loved Jekyll Island so much, I never wanted to leave…


And now I won’t. We will forever be at Jekyll Island.

So if you ever find yourself on the east coast of Georgia take the time to see Jekyll Island. The area is lovely and the sea turtles are awesome. Definitely worth the trip.