Toronto Railway Museum

I took a break from the Florida heat in June and headed north to Toronto with some friends for one of my best friend’s birthday. I was glad to be in Canada, despite the fact that it was freezing (to my now-Floridian blood) and raining. I ended up with a few free hours to myself after a party boat cruise (rookies!) so I threw in my AirPods and headed out on the town. I had no destination, just a few hours to find some fun.

After walking through a festival at a park and winning the I Love NY game (the only shocker there is that it was in Toronto) I found the most Patti thing I could ever find: the Toronto Railway Museum! If you’ve read my blog before, you know how much I love train travel (you can find my tips for train travel here). I especially love the Canadian¬†VIA Rail.¬†I’ve been to the Maritimes, the Tundra, the Canadian Rockies, and Vancouver on the VIA Rail.

Unfortunately, the museum itself was already closed but there was plenty to see outside! It was really neat to see the old railcars, and I especially loved the juxtaposition again the modern buildings in the background.

They even have a brewery!


Hopefully I’ll make it back when they’re open! Time to plan a trip back to Toronto!