The VIA Rail through the Canadian Rockies

Grandma finally did it. She rode the train through the Canadian Rockies. Years and years ago (I’m talking like decades) she had a friend that went on the trip. He was a simple farmer and yet he raved and raved about this trip, telling grandma that he didn’t sleep for the whole train ride because he was afraid he would miss something. Well, that did it for her. She put it on the top of her “I’m not going to kick the bucket” list. And in her 86th year in this world, she took the trip. And she took her family (lucky me!) with her.

So after we saw the polar bears, beluga whales, and Northern Lights, we headed on to part two of the trip. We got back on the Canadian in Winnipeg and set off for the Rockies. The first day back on the train was pretty boring; Manitoba and Saskatchewan  are pretty anticlimactic. It doesn’t help that we are coming down off a polar bear high and preparing for the Rockie’s.

DSC_0006 edit

And then it started to get beautiful. The prairies started to turn in to lakes and hills.  We passed some of the longest freight trains I have ever seen.

DSC_0024 edit


DSC_0016 edit

The train was so long!

Luckily there was lots to do on the train while we waited for the mountains to show up. They had wine tasting.


Wine tasting menu.

The food was fabulous.

IMG_5497 IMG_5498 IMG_5499 IMG_5519 IMG_5480

Amazing food on the train! And so nicely presented.

There are tons of places on the train to see the Rockies. You do not have to worry at all about getting a good spot. They stop before the Rockies and pick up a panorama car.


Panorama car. Tons of seats and all glass.

There are also lots of dome cars. I think four or so. Then, of course, the park car. We decided to hang out in the dome car. The activities person, Majorie, was fabulous. Not only did she tell us tons of fun facts and point out pretty cool stuff, she also serves drinks to you at your seat and does all the fun stuff, like the wine tasting. She really made the trip extra fun.


Mom and Grandma in the dome car.


The Husband and I in the dome car.


Happy hour!

Then the Rockies made their first appearance.

DSC_0031 edit

Canadian Rockies!

DSC_0119 edit DSC_0074 edit DSC_0053 edit DSC_0064 edit DSC_0120 edit DSC_0169 edit DSC_0177 edit DSC_0180 edit

The beauty of the Canadian Rockies. It was so so so so amazing to ride the train through.


Grandma enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Then we stopped in Jasper for a short time.

DSC_0204 edit DSC_0206 edit


Then we continued through the Rockies, heading to our last stop, Vancouver.

While we were in the middle of the Rockies we had cell service for a short minute and we found out that WE HAD A BABY! My brother was originally supposed to go on the trip but his timing was a bit off and his fiance was due right in the middle of the trip! It drove us CRAZY not being there.  Luckily we had beautiful scenery to distract us!

DSC_0262 edit

Glacier on top of the mountain. Now I’ve seen icebergs (in Newfoundland) and a glacier in the Rockies!

DSC_0240 edit DSC_0236 edit DSC_0228 edit

The water was the most beautiful color. No photos can do it justice.

Then we passed a waterfall that you can only see from the train.

DSC_0277 edit DSC_0285 edit

So pretty.

The sun set after the waterfall so we headed to dinner. We had an amazing time on this trip of a lifetime. I still can’t believe how lucky I truly am. We talked about our favorite moments from the trip before heading to bed for our last night on the train. Next stop, Vancouver!

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