Every Wednesday I generally write about where I wish I was. But this Wednesday, let’s talk about where I’m glad I’m NOT.

It might be unseasonably cold in Tampa this morning (about 39 degrees), but that’s nothing compared to what’s happening in my hometown outside of Buffalo, NY.

They are in the middle of a huge snow storm. Feet upon feet of snow. Roads closed, towns closed, schools closed. Unless you have a snow mobile, you aren’t going anywhere. So this #WeekendYetWednesday is for you Attica, Alden, Alexander, Batavia, Lancaster, South Buffalo and everywhere else in western New York that’s being pounded by this storm.

So I stole borrowed some photos from friends and family.


So many people sent me this photo that I couldn’t find the amazing person to credit it to. But here is an awesome photo of the storm rolling over Lake Erie, heading to Buffalo.



My mother’s house at the beginning of the storm. Still looks lovely, doesn’t it? Photo credit Mary Cunningham.


Not the way I want to wake up. Photo credit Erin Guthrie.


Happy dog, cold human. Snow’s looking a little deep eh? Yes, she does have legs and they are actually pretty long. Photo credit Lydia Dominick.


I’m officially done complaining about it being 40 degrees here. Photo credit whomever my mother got it from.


Of course there’s a meme.

Want to see more? Check out this gallery of ridiculous snow photos here.

So happy #WeekendYetWednesday and thanks to Snovember for making me quit complaining about my weather. Have you ever seen snow like this? Do you wish you were there to play in it or super glad (like me) that you aren’t?