The Loew’s Miami

We seem to have a near obsession with the Loew’s Hotels. It all started with the Don Cesar in St. Pete. It’s a pink palace on the beach. It’s amazing. It’s where we got married. So that was the spark that ignited our love for the chain. They also have spectacular customer service and luxurious amenities.

So we stayed at the Loew’s Miami for the second time. We arrived pretty early, and our room wasn’t ready. So we wandered around while we waited for our room. They were supposed to call us when it was ready, but when we checked in a few hours later, the room was ready but we never received a call. Anyway, they still let us check in at 2 PM, two hours earlier than the check in time. So no big deal.

We headed to the room and it was lovely.



DSC_3532 DSC_3522 DSC_3519 DSC_3517

Hallway to bathroom and bedroom, very comfy bed, fabulous shower, and spectacular balcony.

I really could have just sat on the balcony all day and enjoyed the view.


So gorgeous.

You even had a nice view of the Loew’s pool.


Love the palm tree design.

The staff is so nice, they double as photographers!


Thanks bellman/photographer!

So the husband peeled me away from my balcony seat and took me to the pool. We napped in the sun and had Coronas and pina coladas. We started to get hungry, so we headed back to the room to get ready for dinner. And look what we found!


Chocolate cake!


Chocolate covered Oreo’s and champagne!


And a super cute card!

Like I said before, and keep saying like a broken record, they have the best customer service.  The VIP concierge emailed me a few days before we arrived to see why we were coming and if there was anything special she needed to know. I told her it was our first anniversary, so she arranged this! It was so wonderful to sit on the balcony, sipping champagne, and eating chocolate. It honestly really made our anniversary weekend so special.

Another thing that I find awesome about this hotel is the “high tech” housekeeping. Instead of trying to hang that paper “Do Not Disturb” thing on the door handle, then opening the door just so, so that it doesn’t fly off the handle (kind of like I do when it does) they have a button.


Press the top to keep people out, press the bottom to get housekeeping to come.

And when housekeeping arrives, no annoying knock on the door. They ring the doorbell. That’s right, DOORBELL! At a hotel! It’s so much less abrasive than the usual knock.


Check out the doorbell. And room 1659 when you stay here.