Marc Chagall National Museum, Nice, France

We spent €20 on an Uber to the Matisse Museum in Nice to discover it was closed for a private event, which was not on the website. After some grumbling, we saw a shaded bench in a park, next to people playing bocce ball.

So we channeled our inner European selves and decided to relax in the shade with a cold beer and watch the men (it was only men at first) play bocce ball. It ended up being super relaxing and entertaining, plus I was proud of myself for not being annoyed with the change in plans.

While we could have sat there all day, we figured we should probably do something so we headed back toward downtown, and the Marc Chagall National Museum.

It was a hot walk down to the museum and we were sweaty and gross when we got there, but so was everyone else. After two bag checks and €10 tickets each, we headed into the museum of an artist that we barely knew anything about.

It’s a relatively small museum, full of biblical paintings by Chagall. The museum was built while he was still alive, so he dictated the order of the paintings, instead of putting them in chronological order. Despite our visits to multiple churches (and a minor in religion and philosophy), I wasn’t really interested in the art.

There’s also a bible and a mosaic outside that he created.

There’s a cute little cafe out back, but it was entirely too hot to sit and have a drink.

Unless you are a connoisseur of art or into biblical scenes, it wasn’t worth the €10 to get in. I think the time and money would better spent somewhere else. Like buying me a glass of wine!