Restaurant Review: Jay’s Artisan Pizza Buffalo

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that The Husband and I take pizza very seriously. We search for the best pizza places where ever we go, and we have an Ooni pizza oven at home. I even make my own dough and sauce.

We’ve had Jay’s Artisan Pizza on Delaware Ave in Kenmore on our list for a few years, but like a lot of places we want to try in Buffalo, they were always closed when we were there (they are only open 4-8 pm, Tuesday through Saturday). But thanks to a work trip that took me to Niagara Falls for multiple days, we were finally able to stop there for dinner.

Jay’s originally started as a food truck by Jay Langerfelder, but is now owned by 24 year-old Joe Powers. According to the website, Joe traveled to Naples to perfect his pizza making skills, and the proof is in the dough.

Jay’s is in a cute little spot right on Delaware with street parking. I’m a boss at parallel parking so I love street parking, but keep it in mind if you are like most normal people and hate it.

You order at the counter and they bring your order to your table when it’s ready.

They have two styles of pizza, Neapolitan and Detroit. We obviously had to try both. The Neapolitan pizza was pizza perfection. The crust was so fluffy and flavorful, the sauce was amazing, and everything tasted so fresh. Hands down the best Neapolitan pizza we’ve had outside of Italy (Keste in NYC previously held that spot). I would love to get the dough recipe (hint hint, Joe, if you read this).

Honestly, I could eat this every single day for every single meal and never get sick of it.

Somehow, the Detroit-style pizza is just as good. It was super fluffy and the crispy cheese edge was perfection. The pepperonis were charred just enough that it had a great flavor but didn’t cut your mouth open when you bit into it. The sauce was delicious and flavorful. With both pizzas you can really tell they use fresh ingredients and truly care about the quality of the food they make.

We also just happened to be there when CBS national news was filming a segment for the Saturday morning show, The Dish. They filmed us ordering our pizza, as well as the owner delivering our Neapolitan pizza to our table. I don’t know when it will be on, but they filmed us enough that I assume we’ll be on it.

CBS film crew

In case it wasn’t obvious, I highly HIGHLY recommend Jay’s. Honestly, if you live anywhere near Kenmore and haven’t had it, shame on you. You have a true pizza gem so close and frankly, I’m jealous.