When you want to feel like an old, rich person

I (clearly) love to travel. And my favorite kind of travel is the kind that someone else pays for!!

Luckily, my family hasn’t realized that I’m nearly 30 (!) and still pays for the occasional vacation.

My family still lives in cold, gloomy, gray WNY. I was smart enough to leave and now live in sunny, warm, bright Tampa. Which means they come to visit, usually quite often. And sometimes, dad decides to take us to Jupiter, FL for a few days.  For those that don’t know about Jupiter it seems to be the place for old, rich people to live (and probably die). Celine Dion has an island there.

So, clearly, I can’t afford to go there. EXCEPT when dad takes us!

me and dad in atlantic

Dad and me the first time we went to Jupiter

We stay at the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa. And it’s fabulous. We drink wine, eat crab cakes and lobster, and soak up the sun. Such luxury.  And dad gets the bill.


Aaaahhhhhhh how I’ve missed you


The Husband and me at dinner


I really need one of these for my house. And maybe a strong handsome man the Husband with a giant palm fan….


Not a bad hot tub….

DSC_0003 edit

The view from the terrace of our suite

And the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean is spectacular.


Of course, you will have a few celebrity sightings while there. But unless you are over 60, you won’t know who they are.