The Bulgari Bar, Milan, Italy

We occasionally like to pretend we’re bougie and what better place than the fashion capital of the world, Milan. Some of the top luxurious brands have not only stores in Milan, but also restaurants, bars, and even hotels.

The Bulgari Hotel in Milan is as decadent as the brand. Starting around €2,500 per night, it is far outside my budget (we did quit our jobs). But anyone can stop for a drink at the Bulgari Bar, as long as you’re willing to pay €25 for a cocktail.

I ordered the Bulgari Cocktail, and it was worth every single Euro. It was fresh, not too sweet, not to heavy on the liquor, and beautifully presented.

It was so good that I wrote down the ingredients so I could try and make it when we get home in December. It’s gin, Aperol, spremuta d’arancia (fresh orange juice), succo d’ananas (pineapple juice), and succo di lime (lime juice). When I get home and perfect the cocktail, I’ll add the measurements.

Like most cocktails in Italy, our drinks came with potato chips, nuts, and olives. Unlike less expensive bars, they did not charge a coperta (cover charge-used instead of tipping in Italy).

We sat outside and the grounds were gorgeous. It was so nice to relax and watch all the beautiful people while sipping on a fancy, delicious cocktail. No one seemed to care that I was wearing Old Navy leggings.

I highly recommend visiting the Bulgari Bar if you want to feel bougie in Milan without breaking the bank.