Restaurant Review: Pizzeria Spontini, Milan, Italy

Pizzeria Spontini is a TikTok-famous pizza chain, according to The Husband, who has never been on TikTok. But there was one near our Airbnb in Milan so we had to check it out.

It’s a fast casual place, where you can go in and grab a slice at the counter or sit down and order with a waiter.

Unlike most of the pizza in Italy, Spontini is super fluffy. It reminded us some of the fluffy Buffalo pizza we love. The Husband had the large margherita slice and I had the primavera. The dough was soft and fluffy, the cheese was melty, and my toppings were fresh and delicious.

While it looks different than most pizza in Italy, it is still cooked in a pizza oven similar to traditional pizza.

They also have fountain soda! We haven’t seen that since we arrived in Italy, so we were excited to have a fountain Pepsi and 7 UP. Like water, soda doesn’t come with ice. Ice is generally used only in cocktails.

Not only is it delicious, the price point can’t be beat. The slices are around €7. They have great special, a regular slice of margherita, a beer or soda, and a dessert for €12!

If you’re in Milan for a short visit, I would skip Spontini and stick to traditional Italian pizza. But if you’re here for a while (or a little homesick for the US), it’s worth checking out.