Grandma’s Surprise

Grandma really didn’t want to fly at all on this trip. She’s flown enough in her lifetime for most of us and she’s old enough to make such decisions. Not to mention she hasn’t used the bathroom on a plane since 1955, and she isn’t about to start now.  However, the only way to really do this trip was to fly from the West Coast to the East Coast, and maybe a little in between. But I didn’t want grandma to be uncomfortable or upset at all during this amazing trip. So I managed to find a flight on Virgin America in first class that wasn’t too much more than coach. And I managed to keep it a secret from her.

The five of us arrived at the airport in Seattle and, like always, I took everyone’s IDs and checked us in for our flight to San Francisco. A wheelchair attendant picked grandma up and took us through security to our gate. When it was time to board, grandma didn’t think anything of us getting on first, since she was in a wheelchair. But when I told her we had the first five seats on the plane, she was super excited! (Well, after I assured her the seats didn’t cost a small fortune.)


Flying in style!

The seats are amazing. They are so soft and plush and cushy. The foot rest comes up like a recliner, and leans back pretty far.


Awesome seats.

The seats have a TV, with movies, music, and even text messaging to other people on the flight! Complimentary blankets and pillows kept us nice and comfy, and the seats even came with color coded headphones!


Pink for girls, blue for boys!

And once everyone is boarded, they put up a velvet rope to separate first class from coach. Talk about feeling fancy.


The velvet divider.


Thank goodness for complimentary champagne. Helps with that flying issue the Husband and I have…


And they even come in real glass!

The service was spectacular. We ended up flying Virgin America first class on our next flight too, and the flight attendants on both flights were so friendly and super attentive. In addition to the complimentary cocktails, they actually serve a meal!


I’m not a vegetarian but I honestly just don’t like most kinds of meat. And the hummus was so yummy!

And seriously, the meals came with the cutest salt and pepper shakers I have ever seen!



I mean, c’mon. There is no way you have ever seen ones cuter than this!

I’m not going to lie, for the first time ever I was actually sad that the flight wasn’t longer! Me, who hates to fly! (Read this to understand my irrational fear of flying.) AND I didn’t even take a xanax! Now that’s one impressive feat Virgin America. Kudos for making me actually enjoy flying!

Now if only you flew out of Tampa…