These are a few of my favorite things: travel accessories

Well, my flight to Zurich has been delayed by nearly three hours so I figured, hey, what better to do than drink? But really, even I can’t drink for three hours, so I thought I should be productive and share some of my favorite travel accessories while I sip some terrible red wine at the Chili’s at Tampa International Airport. (Turns out it was delayed by 19 hours. Read about that disaster here.)

One of the very first travel accessories I bought myself was the Wash Me Wear Me undie bag. I literally shudder at the thought of a TSA agent pawing through my dirty unmentionables. But you know once they are in your suitcase, they are going all in and checking everything. EVEN YOUR UNDIES!


No TSA agent in their right mind would dig through the wash me side!

If you are a roll and stuff packer like me you know your suitcase can get pretty darn messy on vacation. How many times have you complained about forgetting to pack something, only to get home and find that crucial item shoved in with something else? The Husband got so sick of me complaining about my inability to pack something only to find that I had it the whole time that he bought me some packing cubes.


My suitcase has never looked so neat!

I get anxiety when my battery life is less than 50% on my iPhone. That’s why my EasyAcc portable charger goes everywhere with me. At around $22, it’s cheaper than a script for Xanax! I always make sure it’s charging when I’m home, so I never have to worry about my phone battery. And with a charge of 3.5 times, even the Husband can make sure his phone is charged!


Any brand will probably work, I just randomly picked EasyAcc and it’s worked well for me.

For long haul flights I pack a little toiletries bag for my carryon with all the necessities in it. It has:

-makeup remover cloths

-toothbrush and toothpaste

-ear plugs for me and the Husband

-eye mask for me and the Husband



-high quality lotion (nothing causes terrible looking skin more than flying and jet leg)

-antibacterial wipes (hypochondriac alert!)


I like the Burt’s Bee’s wipes for travel because they smell so fresh. The Ultra Repair lotion was my favorite winter lotion when I lived in NY. It’s super moisturizing and doesn’t feel too heavy or clog your pores. The blue mask, toothbrush, and bag are courtesy of our first class flight to London on our honeymoon. It’s always best to recycle and save a few dollars!


My carryon essentials.

As a nurse and self-proclaimed hypochondriac, I always wear compression stockings on long flights, especially red eyes. I don’t want blood clots, and my feet swell like a 90 year old on long flights.


My compression socks that I’ve had for years, thanks to being a nurse.

My last favorite travel accessory is a cute but comfy travel outfit. I try to wear my bulkiest sweater and shoes, to save room in my suitcase.


Warm, wrap around sweater with pockets from NY and Co, random Wanderlust shirt I found somewhere, plain black leggings (please don’t wear sweatpants that say Juicy on the butt) and my super comfortable Tom’s with just a bit of a heel.

What are your favorite travel accessories? Am I missing anything that’s a must have? Let me know!