The Baths of Bath, England

The Roman Baths of Bath have been on our list, and not just because our last name is Bath. The Husband is fascinated with ancient Romans and I love learning about bougie ways people relax.

We booked an evening visit time because I had a feeling that it would be stunning during the golden hour at sunset. And it was.

After walking above the main bath, you head into the museum section, where you see artifacts and other areas of the ancient baths. Some of the areas had hologram videos demonstrating what life looked like in ancient times and it was really cool to see.

After seeing the inside, you head out to the main bath, where they smartly have a bar set up. You can order a drink and sit along the bath, imagining what life was like there 2,000 years ago.

Seeing it at night, lit up by the torches and the setting sun, was awesome. I highly recommend booking an evening tour.

I also wanted to actually go in a bath while we were in Bath. While there are a few options in Bath, mainly at hotels, but the Thermae Bath Spa looked like the most fun, and most relaxing. And it’s Britain’s original natural thermal spa. You can book a two hour bath experience, and add spa treatments as well. We booked a morning bath experience. You arrive a few minutes before your time and change into a bathing suit. You then have two hours to roam the different areas. There’s a rooftop pool, which uses slightly cooled down natural thermal water, so it’s not too hot and very pleasant. There’s also a steam room, sauna, showers, and cold room. The ground floor has an indoor pool with a constant flow of water, giving it a nice current for floating around. Unfortunately, photos aren’t allowed but you can see some of their photos here.

Pro tip: they don’t provide sandals so bring your own

Both baths were awesome to visit. I highly recommend including Bath in your visit to London, and make sure to make reservations for the Roman Baths and the Thermae Spa!

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