Airbnb Review: Siena, Italy

We stayed in the best little Airbnb in Siena for our short trip. It was inside a 13th century building just a block away from Piazza del Campa, the main piazza of Siena.

The inside was super cute, with a small but functional kitchen, comfortable living room, extra room that was perfect for our luggage, a bedroom, and two bathrooms. Side note: two bathrooms can take a decent stay to a great stay.

The door was like a little hobbit door. It was just fine for me, but The Husband had duck to go in and out. I love the quirks that come with centuries-old buildings.

The best part of the Airbnb was the view out the back windows. We had a great view of this little piazza that is used for all sorts of community events. We saw a farmers market, contrada practice, and a luncheon for the 1,000 Miglia race. Plus, it was so beautifully Tuscan.

At $898 for six nights, it was a great deal, especially considering all the things we saw without leaving the apartment. If we return to Siena, we’ll definitely book it again.

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