Hidden Charcuterie at the Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Hidden in the Piazza della Rotonda at the Pantheon is a tiny charcuterie spot! To the left of the Pantheon you’ll see a small little shop called Antica Salumeria. It’s unassuming and currently surrounded by construction; if you’re not looking for it you’ll miss it.

The shop itself is full of great finds. Panini (Italian for sandwiches, not necessarily pressed), meats, cheeses, olive oils, and other goodies are throughout the front of the shop.

But the real gem is in the very back. Head all the way through the shop and you’ll find five tables. Grab a table and have a seat, and get ready for the the best charcuterie you may ever have.

Most of the staff doesn’t speak much English, and our Italian is very much a work in progress. But we all share one thing in common: a love for meat and cheese.

Giovanni told us he was bringing us something, and behind the meat counter he went. He hand chose what to give us, then cut it himself as he made the plate. You want fresh? This is fresh. He brought us a selection of meats and cheese, along with olives and fresh, warm bread.

The meat was two kinds of prosciutto, spicy salami, and what I call ham, but is just a third kind of prosciutto. I don’t eat much meat, but the ham was incredible. It’s actually the first meat I’ve had since we got here a week ago! Growing up in WNY, I loved Sahlen’s ham but this is next level. I may never eat another ham sandwich unless it’s this ham.

The Husband loved all the rest of the meats. It’s crazy how different they are here. They’re so fresh and so soft that they’re almost velvety. The cheese and the bread was also wonderful, no surprise.

You can also order wine by the glass or bottle. A random American family was leaving when we sat down, and they gave us the rest of their bottle of wine. Super nice and it was just enough to go with the charcuterie.

At €40 for two people, it sounds expensive but it was a steal. It was so much fresh food, and the experience alone was worth it.

If you visit Rome, I highly recommend adding this to your list!

3 thoughts on “Hidden Charcuterie at the Pantheon, Rome, Italy”

  1. Where is WNY? Is that West New York? As I was reading this, I was remembering Zabars, Manhattan and some of the old time delis in Queens and Brooklyn.

    1. Western New York. I grew up outside of Buffalo, in a small town called Attica (you may know it from the prison riots). So many good delis in NYC! We lived in Manhattan before moving to FL.

      1. I grew up in the Catskill Mountains-a very small town called Jeffersonville. My parents were native New Yorkers and relocated us-my brothers and I. Yes, I lived in Manhattan for 5 years after college.

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