Restaurant Review: Giolitti, Rome, Italy

Giolitti is widely considered the best gelato in Rome. They’ve served their artisanal gelato since 1900, and the quality of their dozens of flavors is top notch.

Since it’s the answer for best gelato for basically every Google search, expect to find a line when you arrive. We went the first time in the rain and the line was pretty short.

You have two options inside. The first option is to order and pay at the cashier inside then take your receipt to the counter. You hand your receipt to the person scooping the gelato and tell them which kind you want. The Husband and I both ordered medio in una cona (two scoops in a cone). I had vanilla, caffe, and tiramisu. I don’t actually like ice cream that much, but I would eat this every day. It was so creamy, flavorful, and fresh. It tasted like they just made it. Once you get your gelato, you find somewhere to stand and eat it. Most people head outside, but it was raining so everyone was lingering inside.

The Husband had white chocolate and Nutella. The Nutella was so thick, like chewing on a ball of Nutella. But it was still delicious.

The other option is to get a table and order with a waiter. There is a surcharge (everything is slightly more expensive) but you get a menu and time to choose what you want, you can order drinks and other pastries, and you don’t have to deal with the chaos of standing around. We would have done this the first time, especially since it was raining, if we knew.

The pastries looked so good that we went back the next morning. It was raining still and early enough that there wasn’t a line. We went in and headed straight to the table section. It’s a beautiful room full of Italian charm.

We ordered drinks and pastries from the cameriere (waiter). It was a much more relaxing experience versus ordering at the counter. I had a cappuccino, and it was the first time since we arrived that I had milk or added sugar with anything, including my coffee. The Husband had hot chocolate, and it was very rich, like drinking a melted glass of high quality chocolate. We ordered two pastries to share, and they were delightful.

Giolitti is a must-do in Rome. And if you don’t like chaos, pay the few extra Euros for table service.

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    1. Everything is so good! It’s only a few blocks from where we’re staying for the next 5 weeks and I see a lot of visits in my future.

      1. Try della Palma near the pantheon! Amaretto and nocciola! (I’m a friend of Mel’s following your time in Italy!) I lived in Rome 20 years ago!

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