Rooftop Bar Review: Oro Bistrot, Rome, Italy

We love a rooftop bar, especially ones with panoramic views of a city as beautiful as Rome. We have a list of ones to try, and Oro Bistrot was at the top.

They have two options for reservations (which are highly recommended) on Open Table. One is for Oro Bistrot Ristorante, which is for their high-end menu, and one for Oro Bistrot Cocktails, which is just for drinks. We opted for just drinks, as the dinner menu was much fancier than our palates.

Oro Bistro is on the rooftop of the Hotel NH Collection Roma Fori Imperiali. You check in with the person at the door of the hotel, and they direct you to the elevator to the rooftop. We quickly checked out the lobby, which has a gorgeous staircase!

The view was incredible. Honestly, there aren’t words to describe just how awesome it is. We booked our reservation right before sunset and the lighting was stunning. It was so amazing to see modern buildings next to ancient ruins. Honestly, the beauty of Rome will never get old.

We ordered a bottle of Prosecco, since neither one of us are liquor drinkers. The drinks come with accoutrements of potato chips (very common in Rome), nuts, round things that looked like giant Cheerios, little sandwiches, and seaweed dough balls. The seaweed dough balls were warm, salty, and umami, and shockingly delicious.

It got a little chilly as the sun set, but they had plenty of blankets and heaters to warm you up. Lots of people were there just to take photos for Instagram, and I don’t blame them. It’s seriously that gorgeous. A warning if you go: don’t get up from your table to take pics if you have food on it. The yellow-legged gulls are huge and are not afraid to swoop down and take your food, and most likely spill your drink, when you aren’t looking. It happened to the table next to us in under five seconds. I mean, look at the size of these gulls!

If you are planning a trip to Rome, I highly recommend making a sunset reservation for Ora Bistrot Cocktails. The food looked good, but the seating area for the cocktails looked better.

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