Restaurant Review: Mr. 100 Tiramisù, Rome, Italy

Mr. 100 Tiramisù showed up on most of the best desserts in Rome lists. They have, literally, 100 different kinds of tiramisù, along with charcuterie boards and a nice selection of wine.

We quickly learned that there is usually a pretty long line. Thankfully, we are staying not far away, so we casually strolled by until the line seemed reasonable.

There is also the option of making a reservation. You can reserve a table and someone will serve you meats, cheeses, wine, tiramisù, anything you order and you don’t have to wait in line. Keep in mind, everything is served slower in Italy than the US, so it may not be faster to get a table.

The place was very cute. The signs and decor were quirky yet adorable.

The 100 types of tiramisù are listed on their Instagram page, so it’s easy to check all the options before it’s your turn to order. As the line got longer, someone came out and took our order while we waiting and gave us a letter. When our letter was called, we went inside and got our tiramisù.

And it was so good! I had the original because I feel like you should always start with the basics, and it was so creamy and delicious. I love the flavor of coffee, so it could have more coffee flavor for my tastes. The Husband had the peanut butter and Nutella, and he loved it. He hates coffee, so he liked that it had a milder coffee flavor. We both agreed it was the best tiramisù we’ve had yet.

Since it’s a close walk back, I can definitely see us trying a few more flavors over the next five weeks we are in Roma. If you’re visiting here, this needs to be on your list.

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