My Favorite Travel Black Friday Deals

I obviously travel a lot, and there are a lot of travel items that I can’t go without. They make my frequent travel, whether work or pleasure, much easier and they are on sale for Black Friday!

*Beis Weekender Bag-I love this bag. It’s big enough for a weekend away, especially when you put your shoes and toiletries in the bottom. If you remove the bottom you can use it as your personal carry on, as it fits under the seat. I can travel for weeks with this bag and my Away larger carry on. Originally $98, but the whole website is on sale for 25% off. This bag will also be 50% off at noon EST but only for the first 500 people.

*Away larger carry on in pink- While the Away sale isn’t great ($50 off two suitcases, $100 off three) the pink larger carry on, which I use pretty much weekly, is on sale for $250, down from $295. This carry on holds so much stuff and the interior compression system really compresses down your clothes but somehow they don’t end up super wrinkly. I have the full Away set and this is my most used bag. The everywhere bag is too small, and the Beis one above is much better. The large suitcase is pretty great too and holds a ton, but I’ve been able to avoid checking a bag by using the Beis weekender and Away larger carry on.

*Amazon wireless headphone sleep mask– I have a hard time sleeping in general, but it’s much worse at hotels. The sounds of the AC kicking on, the people in the halls and other side of the walls, and just in general not being in my bed keep me awake. I travel a lot for work, so not sleeping in a hotel is not an option. This sleep mask keeps the light out and the flat speakers are designed so that even a side sleeper like myself can wear it all night. I connect it to my phone, turn on my BetterSleep app, and night night I go. Originally $39.99 but on sale today for $18.39 for prime members.

*Amazon Kindle Paperwhite- I read a lot (97 books this year so far!) so bringing enough books on trips just isn’t an option. I used the Kindle App on my phone and iPad for a long time, but finally gave in and bought a Kindle. I got the Paperwhite 32gig without ads and my only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner. The battery lasts about a week, it’s water-resistant so I’m not nervous when I take it in the pool, and there isn’t a glare. When I finish a book, I can just download another without having to worry about making my bag heavy from physical books. Models vary in price but the one I have is originally $189.99, on sale for $129.99.

*Oura Ring– While I didn’t buy the Oura Ring for travel specifically, I did buy it to track my sleep to help my insomnia and so I could wear my business watch instead of my Apple Watch to meetings, but still have a tracker. Just like my Apple Watch, it tracks my steps, calories burned, activity time, and workouts. But it also measures my resting heart rate. temperature, and oxygen level while I sleep, which helps me know how ready my body will be the next day. This can be helpful while traveling to know which days to do more leisurely activities and which days to be more active. Retail price varies but most rings are $50 off for Black Friday.

*Amazon portable fan– I originally bought this for a Bills game at Dolphins when it was super hot out, but I’ve keep it in my purse and use it all the time. It’s perfect for a stuffy hotel room. It sits nicely on the side table and the battery lasts all night long. Price varies based on color but the pink one is on sale for $13.59.

Let me know if you buy any of my favorite items!

This post is not sponsored, I just love these items.

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