Ben & Jerry’s

One of the best parts of my obsession with the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT, was that it was close to the Ben & Jerry’s headquarters. I love their ice cream and their stance on social issues, so I was excited to check it out.

The flavor graveyard also seemed like a really cool place to check out. They have a tombstone for each flavor that they made but discontinued. It was up on a hill and gated, just like a real cemetery.

You can order ice cream from their huge list of flavors, including new ones that you can’t get in stores.

They have factory tours that had closed for COVID and was just reopening for test tours. We thought about doing one but it started to rain and the wifi wouldn’t work to order this tickets online, so we left instead.

Definitely a cool place to check out, even if you don’t like ice cream.

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