Tampa Restaurant Review: Casa Jimenez

I took a much needed break from working, writing, reading, and writing more to meet up with a girlfriend for a few glasses of wine. We live about an hour away so I always try to find a place in the middle. After a Google and Yelp search, I came across Casa Jimenez. It’s a small family run Spanish wine shop in the exact area I was looking, and being one of the top ten wine places in Tampa sealed the deal.

I arrived first and I was treated to a little tour of the place by one of the owners. Although they specialize in Spanish wines, they also have French and Italian options available.


Some of their selections.

They also serve food, tapas style, on Friday and Saturday. You can order cheese and charcuterie or one of their hot options.




We both like the same kinds of wine (bold, heavy, and delicious), and I told the owner this. He picked out bottles of wine for us to share, and they were fabulous. He definitely knew exactly what to choose based on our preferences.


Such a great selection of wine! For a corkage fee of $5 you can enjoy your wine right there! You know how much I love instant gratification!

They have plans for renovations and changing up the food in the new year, and I can’t wait to go back and check it out. It was so nice to support a small business that clearly loves what they do. We sat around with the owners and talked all things wine, and we had a fabulous time! In fact, we had such a good time that the Husband had to come pick me up!

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