My Book, Phase Two

Back in February, I finally posted an explanation for neglecting my blog. I didn’t post my Weekend Yet Wednesdays and I barely wrote about anything else.

And this is about to happen again. Phase two of my book starts now. I currently have an editor (who may or may not have been Stephen King’s first editor) who just finished editing my book. I have a lot to rewrite. I mean, A LOT.

The cover my dad made quick for me. 

And that’s okay. He is a highly respected professional and his edit will make my book the best it can be. It’s going to be time consuming, exhausting, frustrating, and I can’t wait. I’d gamble to say that I’ll learn more from him than any English class could teach me.

Proofreading it one last time before I sent it to the editor. 
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Please, stick around and be patient with me. I promise I’ll be back!


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