Restaurant Review: Pearl In The Grove

Pearl In The Grove is one of those gems of a restaurant; located in the middle of nowhere, looks like a plain house, and yet serves some of the most delicious farm-to-table food in Tampa Bay.

The Husband and I took grandma for her birthday dinner before she left for NY for the summer. We had been talking about it all winter and so I finally just made a reservation and we went.

We were full of anticipation when we arrived. It looks like a quaint little house but the inside is full of culinary magic.


The inside is just as unassuming. Basic tables, basic floors.


Nothing to look at here.

They don’t need anything fancy. The inside cannot compete with the beauty of the food, so I’m glad they didn’t even try.

We started with drinks (obviously). The Husband ordered a beer and it came with a little kumquat on the side. So cute!


After we ordered our entrees the waiter brought out a little bite, complements of the kitchen. It was squash and greens and it was so flavorful and delicious. Grandma and I almost fought over the Husband’s.



The Husband had fried chicken and a biscuit. The biscuit had local honey drizzled over it and it was so sweet and delicious.


The Husband wanted to fill his pockets with biscuits!

I ordered the pappardelle with shrimp and mushrooms. The shrimp was so good and the pasta was cooked just the way I like it. The sauce was a little heavier than I like, but that’s just personal preference.


Grandma had the fish and star of the show: the crispy collard greens. That’s right, the greens were the best part of the whole meal. They were crispy like a chip and had the perfect seasoning.


Those greens!! I wish I knew how to make them…

And since we were celebrating a birthday we obviously had to get dessert. We all shared the chocolate cake. It had crushed macarons on top and it was so good!



Happy birthday grandma!!

I’m so glad that we finally made the trek to Dade City to Pearl In The Grove. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. I’m excited to see what they have the next time, as the menu is always changing!













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