Safety Harbor Resort and Spa

I’ve lived in the Tampa Bay area for 14 years, and for 14 years I’ve been saying I wanted to go to Safety Harbor Resort and Spa. So I finally went with my girlfriend Rae Ann before The Husband and I headed to Europe.

I booked us both the Any Day Funday special. It includes a massage, spa lunch, glass of champagne, and use of the spa amenities all day.

We arrived early and went int the indoor pool before our treatments. The entire spa area is huge. There are two hot tubs, a pool, a steam room, a sauna, and a cold plunge pool. All in addition to all the treatments you can get.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed going from the steam room to the cold pool to the sauna, and back around again. It felt so refreshing and rejuvenating.

You can use the spa lunch voucher in the main dining room or at the bar. We headed to the main restaurant and I’m so glad we did. I started with the lobster soup and it was so freaking good. One of the best I’ve ever had.

I had the grouper and my friend had the Mediterranean tapas. They were both so delicious. I would definitely go back just to eat.

When I checked in it was pretty chaotic, which everyone assured me wasn’t usually the case. There were a few parties checking in at the same time so that certainly didn’t help the wait. It wasn’t as relaxing at the check in at other spas, but was great once I was checked in and changed.

I would absolutely still go back. If you live in the area, don’t wait 14 years to go like I did!