Hotel Review: Aloft Financial District NYC

Yes, it’s true. We took a quick two night trip to NYC all because JetBlue was having a sale. Flights from JFK to Tampa were only $29 on February 29th (Happy Leap Year Day)! I had a few days off so we decided we better go.

We flew up early Saturday morning and left late Monday. We basically had three full days in the city that owns my heart. I wanted to stay near my old neighborhood this time (last time we stayed in Koreatown, the time before that on Park Ave) so this time I won and got to stay the Financial District.

We decided on the Aloft because it was new, near my neighborhood and the train, and it was cheap. Pretty much every hotel was very low cost Saturday to Monday.

We had a 6 am flight out of TPA and arrived at JKF a little after 8 am. We got to the Aloft about an hour later and our room was ready for us! At 9 am! I was so happy. The travel gods were obviously on my side for the whole trip.

Check in was quick and we headed up to our room on the 11th floor. The room wasn’t very big, but it had a king size bed, a desk, and a nice little bathroom. What else did we need?


The cute little lobby.



The bed was comfortable and there was a nice selection of pillows. The room would switch from heat to AC to heat, so it got pretty warm during the night. There was just enough room to walk around the bed, but that was fine. We barely spent any time in the room.

The bathroom was just right and the shower was fantastic! First of all, there is no better water than NYC water. It’s nature’s candy. So having a warm, strong stream of that was just what we needed after a long day of walking around.

The best part though? This amazing emoji room service menu. Hilarious and very convenient!


I really wanted to try it out but we weren’t in the room long enough to wait for something to be delivered.

There was a little bar in the lobby that was closed the one night we tried to stop for a drink. Luckily, the lovely lady at the desk served us. The bar had the same fabulous bar top as the Aloft in Tampa that I’m obsessed with! (Check it out here.)


Sitting area by the bar. I’m in love with that little helicopter pillow!

There was a fitness center on the bottom floor, but we didn’t “have time” to go. The wifi is free, too, which I love. Not many things irritate me as much as paying for a hotel room, then being charged for wifi! It really drives me crazy.

We really enjoyed our stay at the Aloft. I would definitely stay there again.

Hotel Rating

(Zero being the lowest, ten being the highest)


Cleanliness: 10

Friendliness: 8 (they forgot to bring up our luggage when we went back for it and we waited like 20 minutes for it)

Experience: 8

Comfort: 7

Value: 10

Amenities: 8

Location: 10

Overall Rating: 8

Referral rating: 10


5 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Aloft Financial District NYC”

  1. Looks really stylish! While the room in NYC are always a little small, I feel like the aLoft design really makes the stay more comfortable. Thanks for the review! 🙂

    1. It was small yet very functional and comfortable.
      I loved the style, too. I tried to find out where to buy the awesome pillows they had in the lounge but all the girl at the desk knew was that they were very expensive!
      Happy travels!

      1. That’s sad! I love some of the hotel equipment and would love to have it at home, but too often there is no information available 🙁

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